Finding the Golden Ticket to Getting Organized

I like to consume…. I enjoy materialistic goods, as is apparent in my closets, drawers and kitchen. I also like to consume information. I am a curious cat! When embarking on this project I went on a journey to find the golden ticket to getting organized, the perfect solution to the state of my disorganization. I went to the smorgasbord of organization strategy and had a feast! I sampled so many organizational resources, both in print and online, but did not find the perfect one. What I did find was a workable combination, and that makes me excited!

Resources – You could eat for a lifetime!

If I am continuing with the smorgasbord analogy – you could eat for a lifetime with the amount of organizational resources that are out there. From mommy bloggers, to professional organizers (books), to mommy bloggers who went pro and now offer online courses for the low price of $100USD. It’s true!  On that note, I’ll have….

A huge helping of Overwhelm, with a side of Indecision

As I already identified in my first post for this learning project, having a disorganized and cluttered home can lead to a sense of being overwhelmed and can impair decision making. However, it is not just my current state of disorganization that has me  paralyzed…. It’s also my perfectionism…. there I’ve said it. This all to familiar trap of not wanting to start a major project until I have found the right (a.k.a. perfect) solution.

Image adapted from Organized Enough

Here, the author of Organized Enough: The Anti-Perfectionist’s Guide to Getting–and Staying–Organized has set out realistic expectations that even this perfectionist can handle. I am going with being organized enough!

Getting, and staying organized, is a mind shift to a new perspective on how your living space best works for your lifestyle. I have discovered through the readings this past week that even though I don’t know what the finished product is going to look like exactly, it’s a journey in self-discovery and it just might get messy before it gets sorted!

Starting with a Network of Clutterbugs

I have discovered some great tips from fellow Canadian, Cassandra Aarssen of Clutterbug on home organization. Fortuitously, on October 1 she launched the 30 Day Decluttering Challenge! Each day, I can follow along with Cassandra as she illustrates on YouTube her methods of decluttering each of the spaces listed below. As a bonus, I can tap into the very active ClutterBug Organizing Advice Facebook group, which has over 23,000 members, for advice and to showcase my wins. I am excited about this social learning opportunity!

Photo source:

What to keep, what to toss, what to donate… oh my…

When decluttering I need to decide what I keep, toss or donate. This can be a challenge – I mean for the most part, the items in my home were brought in for a reason. To help me make these decisions I can follow Clutterbug’s S.P.A.C.E Method, aided by the anti-perfectionist’s list of questions:

  • Do I need it?
  • Does it belong here?
  • Does it fit with who I am now?
  • If I were to let it go, would I end up replacing it?

On a side note, I did consider Marie Kondo’s advice to hold each item and quietly ask myself, “Does this spark joy?”, but then I would have to throw out my can opener, and most definitely my Spanx… both of which I need!

Goals for this coming week

  • Continue to follow the declutter challenge with Clutterbug
  • Share my progress on Instagram
  • Identify areas to that would benefit from organizational systems
  • Identify ways in which my little people can help.

Thank you for respectfully sharing in my journey!

The link to comment is below the title of this post. 


2 thoughts on “Finding the Golden Ticket to Getting Organized

  1. Yours will be an interesting, and entertaining journey to follow! I take some pride in my own organizational skills (both with physical materials and electronics filing), but have found some good advice from a couple of those resources you mention. Marie Kondo was a good authority for me on organizing my clothes closet. I find myself able to store several times the amount of clothes I used to be able to store in the same closet space.

    Good luck, and have fun with this! As a teacher, I have always found a lot of value in accomplishing projects that have definite, clearly defined, and easily measurable starting and end points. (the opposite of our profession)

    Liked by 1 person

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