Learning on the Job – Supermom to the Rescue!

Hello classmates in EC&I 831 and beyond:

Welcome back to my journey of becoming organized to create a more efficient household. Last week, I had identified and implemented an organizational system that my small children can use for shoes, coats and backpacks. I found a small space in my entryway that is the perfect size for them.

I created my first YouTube video to show you what I accomplished. Check it out!

I seem to have a LOT to learn about shooting and editing a video. But in any event, I am pleased with my first attempt. My friend, Brandi Good of BLG Business Solutions: Social Media Coaching & Training, recently posted on her Facebook page a method to replace the “derp” resting face, as she calls it, on a YouTube video with a custom image. I need to find that post for my next video!

Installing the Shelf – a tail of two learning experiences

First learning experience

To begin this project, I searched YouTube for tutorials on installing a shelf. I like humour, so I appreciated Uncle Knackers YouTube video Hanging a Shelf in 5 EASY STEPS! Aside from the quirky humour, I found the pace in which he delivered the tutorial appropriate and it was easy to understand.

I had my list of instructions, so I gathered my supplies and go off to find a wall stud to anchor at least one of the brackets to.

Found a stud! But the position/spacing of the bracket didn’t look right. In my logical mind, I thought that there would automatically be equal spacing; therefore, the shelf would automatically be centered. How do I know where to position the shelf on the wall?? I re-watched Uncle Knacker’s video and checked out a few others. All started their tutorials with the same phrase: “Once you figure out where you will hang your shelf, locate a stud.”

This is where appropriate search phrases come into play. No matter the string of words I used I couldn’t find the right tutorial to help me determine where I needed place the shelf on the wall or how to space the brackets on the shelf itself. Context matters! I was lost. I had to call in reinforcements…. my super handy mom!

Second learning experience

She set me on the right path. The math path. I could easily follow her instructions, but to be honest, I could not really understand how the math added up or fraction-ed out.


I realized how much of a visual learner I really am! I needed her to draw what she was describing before I could really understand it. I also needed an equation of sorts.

That accomplished, I went back to the list of instructions from Uncle Knackers. The asynchronous learning of YouTube can pose issues as it relates to time. I ran into an issue with my bracket coming out crooked, despite leveling it prior to drilling. Had I posed this question to my unsuspecting teacher online, I might have had to wait days before a response. It was nice to have my mom sit on the sidelines ready to be called in.

Can you see where I went wrong drilling in this bracket?

My mom was quick to point out that the angle of my drill would push the bracket off ‘center’. I need to be “straight on” to the drill.

Once the shelf was complete, I was able to measure out the wall appropriately for the coat rack. There were no studs for this installation, so I learned how to use wall plugs to secure the rack to the wall.

Final Thoughts

As I sit here contemplating my overall learning experience, I wonder if I would have benefited from installing a shelf in an inconspicuous place first?? Do a few trail runs before the main event. Sure, the installation of the shelf in my entryway would have taken much less time, but I am ok with my trail and error approach of learning on-the-job.

I am looking to put multiple wire shelves in my children’s closets. Are there any online DIYers out there that you can recommend to help me with this next project?

Goals for this coming week

  • Continue to follow the declutter challenge with Clutterbug
  • Share my daily progress on Clutterbug’s Facebook page
  • Continue to identify areas that would benefit from organizational systems
  • Continue to identify ways in which my little people can benefit
  • Identify environmentally and socially responsible ways in which I can “relocate” the stuff I am ready to let go

Thank you for respectfully sharing in my journey!

The link to comment is below the title of this post. 


5 thoughts on “Learning on the Job – Supermom to the Rescue!

  1. Great job on your first video. Short, concise and it had me engaged wanting to see what you did. 🙂
    I learned quickly to put things at the level the kids can reach. Shoes racks, coat hooks, baskets, cups in the kitchen are all “reachable” for my 3 little people.
    Well done…
    PS Question…is the basket in the front shelving unit a THIRTY ONE basket? I have recently become a consultant and have some amazing things for space to organize.
    Looking forward to next weeks’ post. 🙂


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