Mindful Decluttering and Organizing – A Work in Progress

This week we were asked to go more in-depth about our progress in our learning journey. If you recall, my learning project focuses on developing systems and processes that introduce more efficient organizational systems and processes in my home. I would like to share some insights that I have gained while endeavouring on this learning journey.

Journey to a More Efficient Household

I predicted that my house would get messier before it gets organized, and I was right! I view this as a good thing. Thanks to the suggestions of the many bloggers and online professional resources I have tapped into, I am finding that being mindful of our needs versus our wants are helping to let things go. To accomplish this, I have been concentrating on decluttering cupboards, closets, and drawers. That leaves the surface clutter. (shudder)

My house is definitely lived in, there is no doubt about it, and I make no apologies… Ok, I totally do. Anytime someone comes over unannounced I am sure to blurt out: “Don’t mind the mess.” as I kick five pairs of shoes into the front closet and squeeze the door shut.

Looking at my house with “fresh eyes” as home organization gurus suggest, I see a lot of surface clutter. Random everyday objects that have either grown legs or my little creatures find it a joy to relocate them to random parts of the house. This is certainly unavoidable, but frustrating nonetheless.

Overall, I do have to remind myself that our house is also our home. A home we create memories, raise a family and feel connected in. For that, I do not apologize. However, finding a balance between a lived-in house and one that is organized enough has been one of the greatest challengings I have faced so far.

This is where processes come into play and where I will be concentrating my effort on going forward.

Insights Gained While Learning On/Offline

Learning with others on social media

Learning from and with others online has been very interesting. As a social creature, I was motivated to join the Clutterbug’s 30 Decluttering Challenge on her Facebook page as part of my learning journey. This type of online social learning provided motivation and a community of like-minded individuals. What can I do with 14ish wineglasses I never use? This group was quick to suggest DIY projects. Need encouragement when feeling overwhelmed? This group was ready to offer support.

Although I found it to be very helpful, I did come across the dark side of sharing on social media, where a mother was Facebook shamed for her cluttered kitchen. After writing about it in a previous blog post, I came across this same woman posting a before and after photo of her kitchen despite her shamers. The 300+ positive comments and encouragement became the bright side of sharing on social media. She set an excellent example for others to believe in yourself despite others’ judgment!

Going far outside my comfort zone

After completing my front entry organization project, I was so excited! My two little kids are still loving the ease of access to their outerwear. We are still working on the consistent use of that space. This was certainly a confidence booster needed to continue being ‘handy’ with tools.

My next major installation project I hope to tackle is a shelving system for my children’s closets. However, I am a bit apprehensive of the math that will be required to space the brackets etc properly. I was surprised that this was one of my major challenges so far. Although I am questioning the level of my math literacy skills, I have a strong resolve to figure it out.

Recently, I have read two classmates talking about growth mindset in learning (Kara and Colleen). With hard work and perseverance, I will learn the math, and the logic, needed to complete this next project! I am viewing this as a growth opportunity leading to transferability – completing other projects, helping my children with math and logic and ultimately my self-efficacy!



Do you have any suggestions of resources that may help to figure out the math required to hang shelves? What would your approach be?

Goals for the rest of the Semester

  • Find another online declutter challenge to keep me motivated
  • Install shelving system in children’s closets
  • Create organizational system in Master bedroom closet
  • Continue to identify ways in which my little people can help and benefit
  • Identify environmentally and socially responsible ways in which I can “relocate” the stuff I am ready to let go

5 thoughts on “Mindful Decluttering and Organizing – A Work in Progress

  1. Hey! Great work! What a cool project to help you get stuff organized at home and learn some practical skills at the same time. We created a back door space for the kids coats and it has been so helpful! I am not going to say they always end up hung up but it is helpful that there is a space that is accessible for them 🙂

    It is great feeling to tackle these projects. It does make a difference in the quality of your day to day life when you don’t see little messes all over the place! I love that you included the kiddos too. I am sure they love it.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your project and am a little jealous. I do not have children but my two fur babies and husband like to keep me on my toes to keep a house that somewhat resembles tidy. I have never seen the Clutterbug challenge but I like the idea that is a community as I am also a social creature and enjoy having the discussion around my projects!

    In terms of support in math, I really like Khan Academy (https://www.khanacademy.org/) and Yay math (http://www.yaymath.org/video) for video supports or, if you would like a more interactive version, I am a math teacher, I would be glad to help!

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  3. Thank you all for your comments and support! I think my project is taking shape! I just need to find and implement processes to keep an organized home that will work for us. 🙂

    Kara thank you for the suggestions! I might need to watch the videos from the open resources you provided so I can articulate a math question. I am sure it is easier than I think, but I am still a bit intimidated, to be honest. lol


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