Tackling the Master Bedroom Closet

Last month, I followed Clutterbug’s 30 Decluttering Challenge . When it came to decluttering clothes I have to confess, I skipped it. I have been putting off decluttering the two closets and three bins of my clothes for some time actually. Thankfully, this major learning project has been the answer to a lot of my procrastination with home organization. It was time to tackle the master bedroom closet!

Take the video tour of my reorganized master bedroom closet!

Before – one hot disorganized mess!                             After – Room to breathe!


There were three things I learned from this part of my learning project. First, developing the skills to be ‘handy’ around the house requires a lot of troubleshooting. Second, pairing down my wardrobe led me to reflect on my own body image. Finally, sharing your imperfect life on social media takes courage.

Being Handy – Hanging the Ironing Board Hanger

I video documented my learning adventure with installing the ironing board hanger. As mentioned in the video, it was not as straightforward as I had imagined when I originally bought the hanger in the summer. My super handy mom was my videographer for this job. I was lucky I had an expert to get me over some of the snags I was running into! For example, when I started the project, I checked for studs where I wanted to install the hanger and found none. I tried to hammer in three plugs into one of the predrilled holes – none would go in and each ended up looking like an accordion. My mom was laughing the entire time she was filming my failed attempts! She finally clued me in that I was trying to drive the plug into a stud.

That wasn’t the only snag I had to troubleshoot. But each time I needed to, I learned more about operating a drill, multiple ways of using tools, and how a house is constructed. I didn’t include those snags in my video because I had originally thought I would shoot it as a “how-to” demonstration. I haven’t learned how to edit videos yet, so after each time I solved a problem, we had to start filming from the beginning. After what seemed like 20 takes, I was so excited to have successfully completed the job.

Pairing Down Clothes & a Mother’s Body Image

When I was pregnant with my first child a well-meaning friend told me that she left the hospital in her regular jeans after having her baby. What did I do? I totally packed my regular jeans to wear when I left the hospital. Naive? Completely! There was no way I fit into those jeans until 12 months later. Even then, they didn’t fit comfortably. Yet, I kept all my pre-pregnancy clothes thinking that one day I would fit them the way I once had.

I thought my only reason for putting off pairing down my wardrobe was because of its overwhelming overabundance. Although that was part of it, I don’t think I was ready to let go of the notion that I would once again fit the pre-pregnancy body image I had of myself. I do not think it was vanity, but more the expectations inherent in our culture of thinness. Perhaps it’s maturity on my part to start my own revolt against popular media’s representation of what a ‘normal’ body looks like and start to embrace the new rendition of the mom jeans!

Once I had this realization, I started to look on Pinterest for inspiration to tackle my clothes. I found a blog post from Uncluttered Simplicity and her recommendation of shock treatment. The idea of putting all my clothes in one big pile to get a visual of the amount I owned before sorting seemed overwhelming, but I wanted to try it. I really appreciated her prompting questions as well. She asks, “What is your style today – not 5 years ago and not who you hope to be in 5 years?” It took about 3-4 hours to go through the process, but it was quite liberating. Especially once I had the resolve to embrace a more positive body image! I also had motivation as I went through the purge process as I have hope that my clothes can serve someone in my local community. To my #ECI831 classmates, any suggestions of local charities in need?

Sharing our Imperfect Lives on Social Media takes Courage

I really hesitated in sharing the before photos of the hot mess my closet was in and the photo of the big mound of clothes I had. Sharing our imperfect lives on social media takes courage. And we don’t see enough of that celebrated. We see a lot of Pinterest worthy homes we aspire to have or the perfect family photo we wish we could recreate of our own. But to share our authentic lives more often, especially on social media, takes courage and vulnerability. Brene Brown has said vulnerability leads to connection. I really hope you have found some connection with what I have shared with you.

Goals for this coming week

  • Install shelving system in children’s closets
  • Create and implement processes to maintain organization
  • Continue to identify ways in which my little people can help and benefit
  • Identify environmentally and socially responsible ways in which I can “relocate” the stuff I am ready to let go

Thank you for respectfully sharing in my journey!

The link to comment is below the title of this post. 


9 thoughts on “Tackling the Master Bedroom Closet

  1. Looks great! It’s funny you mention “mom jeans”. The other day a friend and I were discussing fashion and what’s coming back in style. She said, “I’m so GLAD mom jeans are back!” I laughed (perhaps a little harder than I should have). But, I must agree, so am I! Thanks for the mention!


    • Thank you for checking out my post! I am really glad the mom jeans have had a makeover since their first debut! I am enjoying your blog and look forward to tapping into it for more ideas on home organization. Thanks again!


  2. What a great post! I am one who also keeps so many clothes (I might like them again one day, I might need them for something specific) so I can relate. Your before and after pictures inspire me, I have been trying to have less STUFF in general this past year, so something like having the bin system really appeals to me. I usually only do a huge closet clean out twice a year, where my rule is if I haven’t worn it once that whole season, gone, which I don’t always even stick to. I like the idea of “what is your style right now?” That’s also good rule of thumb. Good work on all your paring down! Also I commend you for sharing your “imperfect closet,” its true, things are always supposed to look perfect and just so, which we all know isn’t realistic. That being said, your closet looks pretty perfect now!


    • Thanks! I hope I can keep it that way. I have been reading more about how to keep spaces organized and it seems to boil down to habit.That is why I hope the donate bin I mention in my video really helps to keep me from cluttering my closet again! With respect to my wardrobe, I felt a large part of my motivation was knowing that my clothes, which are still in great condition, are going to a someone who needs them. 🙂


  3. So liberating, indeed! I tackled our storage room a few months ago. It took me 5 hours but I went through all the boxes and got rid of a bunch of stuff. It was the best feeling! It really changes your quality of life! Before cleaning, I would walk into that room and always think about how much it needed to be cleaned. Once it was done I felt so satisfied when I walked in there. Great work!


  4. That’s great! Were you able to keep your storage room organized? That will be my next challenge! But I am determined to be mindful of how I use the spaces I have organized. I am going to be checking out your post on Go Local more closely to see if you mention any organizations in our community that are in particular need of clothes and other household goods. One of my learning objectives is to find responsible and environmental ways in which to dispose of the items I am letting go through this project.


  5. I really like the idea of a donate bin in your 1st video, sometimes I just leave the stuff I don’t need around my house and I am never aware that other people might be in need of those stuff. I will go buy those bins and put them in house. Great post! I look forward to read another posts from you.

    Liked by 1 person

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