Reorganizing my Toddler’s Closet – Mom win!

This last week I moved on to reorganizing my toddler’s bedroom closet. With each new project, I find a new learning experience. I knew I wanted to install a shelving system that I could adjust as my daughter’s needs change. As always, I went to the internet to look for inspiration. When I found Do it on a Dime’s Toddler Room Organization & Tour video I knew exactly what I wanted to do!

I went to the local hardware store to find something similar and found the Rubbermaid FastTrack system would fit the bill.  But I soon discovered that this was going to be an expensive project! I had to scale back on the number of uprights and shelves I wanted, but am still impressed with how it turned out.

This is the video of my toddler’s closet makeover tour! In this video I show the before and after photo of the closet. I also describe my rationale for each bin and why labels are so important.

My Process

To determine what configuration I would install in the closet I needed to find out what items I was going to store in this space. I first decluttered the closet by sorting the items into Donate, Consign, Toss, Relocate, Keep piles.  With the items I kept I determined I would only need three shelves. This was a good thing, considering the cost of the system.

I went to the hardware store and bought 2 uprights, 6 brackets, and 3 shelves. Turning to YouTube I found an excellent video from a Lowe’s representative installing a similar system. I soon found out I was missing the horizontal hang track that would provide strength to the system. Great, this project is getting very pricey! Thankfully, when I went back to the hardware store a representative told me that I wouldn’t necessarily need the additional item if I secured the vertical standards with a screw at every hole, and ensure I space the standards no more than 24 inches apart. This spacing will provide the strength I need. Perfect! Done!

Finding a Stud and Installing Vertical Standards

I am usually pretty great at finding things. But finding a wall stud has been difficult for me. The videos make it look so simple. Perhaps I have a defective stud finder? I did eventually locate a stud for the one vertical upright but needed to use plugs for the other to ensure the shelving would be able to hold weight. I posted my process for installing a plug when I reorganized my master closet, feel free to check it out.

Next, I attempted to level the vertical standards. Leveling is not easy to do while flying solo! Balancing the upright, the level and then trying to mark the wall was an awkward dance. It definitely takes some practice! After a few attempts, I was able to negotiate the steps and start to drill. I have to admit that it is not exactly level, but no one will notice. I have been learning to use the drill quite a bit this semester and I am happy that I really have gotten the hang of it.

Installing the brackets was surprisingly frustrating. At this point in the project, I was beginning to feel uncoordinated. I soon realized, though, that it was pretty dark in the closet and I needed a light. I wish I had someone to snap a picture of me with the headlamp while fitting these brackets in. However, I did a reenactment for your viewing pleasure, without the light.

This project has been completed for a couple of days now and my toddler’s room has never been so neat and tidy. A place for everything and everything in its place. This is my new mantra, my friends! My toddler is now putting her dirty clothes and toys back into their “new homes” as she calls it. I hope this enthusiasm lasts for a mom win!

We are now at the end of the semester so I may not be posting any more major projects documenting my learning on becoming more organized. The journey has not ended though. I will continue to use what I have learned these past few months and tackle some more unorganized, hot messes! I hope to post my top 5 tips on becoming more organized at the end of this week. Stay tuned.

Thank you for continuing to share in my learning journey.


9 thoughts on “Reorganizing my Toddler’s Closet – Mom win!

  1. I love reading your posts! You have really inspired me to have less clutter and STUFF in my home. I always say I’m going to do it but I have finally started. It’s amazing how much better I feel without the extra coffee table in my living room, I have not missed it or the pile of stuff on it once. Thank you! And great job with doing everything by yourself!!


  2. Thank you both! It is really a mindset – or a change in one! I really enjoyed this learning journey. I had never been a handyperson and these installation projects have really given me confidence. I am excited to tackle my son’s closet now. The more rooms/closets I organize, the more I realize that we just have way too much stuff and it has really impacted my shopping habits. When I am out shopping and see a good deal, I think of where I am going to put it. I am hoping these new habits and ways of living will have a positive impact on my children as well.


  3. Great post, Coralee! I too love reading your posts! I’ve always considered myself to be a “neat and organized” individual but your posts are helping me to realize, there is a simpler and more effective way to declutter a home! I also loved watching your video and the GIF you created! Great work with your major digital project, all of your hard work has definitely paid off! Congrats!


    • Thank you! I have been working hard on this. Not only for the class but for mine and my family’s well-being. It is amazing how clutter, no matter the size, can hinder a person in getting out the door, getting things done or simply making decisions! I am happy to hear you are inspired as well!


  4. I just love this! I also need to install a shelf in my daughters’ bedroom closet! Usually, I have to beg my husband to do it but you have me thinking that I could do it on my own! I may try it this weekend while he is away! What a great project idea I am sure you are feeling so great about all of this! Good work!!


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